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We encourage our customers to trial our ChompR product range and email us photos of their catch using the ChompR products, we load these photos into online gallery on this website, and also display on the monitors built into the retail stands which are available for the shops.

At times we receive some enouraging feedback, please read below, and if you would like to add your fishing experience with others please email your feedback and photos to us to upload.

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Its the excitement when you catch your biggest ever fish using Chomp ! 



One of our happy customers has made a video and posted this on you tube take the link here



Email Received 23 April 2012:

Hi there,

Last weekend we fished the Chesters comp based at Hibiscus Boat Club in Stanmore Bay.  Ollie asked us to trial some of your softbaits which someone had dropped in to the club on Friday night – I’m pleased to say that they worked very well!  Attached are a few pics of my 2kg kahawai and 7kg snapper which were both caught on Chomp baits.  We also caught a few nice pannies which we didn’t get photos of.  If you want to use any of these photos for your gallery, please feel free.  I can send you full size versions if you like.

My husband Pete and I kayak fish every weekend and use mainly softbaits (with the occasional livie or jigs, poppers etc).  Until now we have always used Gulp, but I think we may be adding Chomp to our menu now as it seems to be effective. We are off to the East Cape later this week, fishing a kayak-fishing comp based at Ohope, so will use our remaining Chomps there and see how we go.

We are members of the Hibiscus Kayak Fishing Club based in Silverdale – the club has around 40 members who mostly use soft bait.  As a way of introducing your products, would you be interested in perhaps supplying a few trial packs or maybe a few packs that we could raffle off at a club meeting or use as comp prizes?

There is also an online kayak fishing club and forum that you may be aware of - most of these guys use softbaits too.  The guy to talk to there is if you are interested.

Just realised you are only a few buildings down from where I work – we might pop in to see your full range sometime soon.

Thank you and kind regards,

Aileen Michael



Received 7 May 2012

Hi Stephen,

So I managed to get out over the weekend, and thought I'd give one of the Shad's you sent me a shot.

First time ever using softbait (using the Green/Orange shad), it didn't even have time to hit the bottom.... stoked, my first John Dory.




(See the Photo of Shane and his John Dory caught using Chomp on page 3 of the Chomp Gallery)


Received 9 May 2012

Anyway the Chomp leeches were going off for us. What we were finding is that the fish would go crazy over the tails, they would literally "CHOMP" them off and then no action after the tail was gone. That was the only down fall i could really say about them, apart from that all i can say is they out classed the Gulp Nuclear Chicken 2 to 1 easily.

Anyway hope this is enough info for you. Look forward to your reply.

Aaron Levien | ACCOUNTANT

9 May 2012


Received 21 May 2012

Hi Stephen,

No monsters, but some very respectable fish nonetheless.  We fished with a few of the guys from the club at the weekend and they were very impressed with the Chomp, so hopefully they will have some more photos to send to you.  Steve was so impressed we had to stop him eating them himself....

Cheers, Ails & Pete

PS: View the pictures of these huge fish with the gallery 


I was using Chomp out softbaiting last Sunday.  I caught a 1.5 kg pannie, then got monstered by a 10+ kg snapper.  The second softbait I used caught the rest of my fish (see photo).

I am keen to get a few more packs of the Green/Orange 7” grub.

Kind regards

<<...>> Shelley Bradish-Cooney