About Us

Chomp Fishing Products Limited -  was established in October 2011

Set up as a Father and Son's business to involve (my two boys) Jonathan and Michael Hudson, so they can experience some aspects of business from a young age

The quest to catch that huge fish and the excitement when you do - sparked the whole venture.

We now trade as Hudson Global Limited - T/A Chomp Fishing

This is for ease of accounting as we have several trading divisions of our company.


After securing the company name we obtained the trademark and then the full registration for the CHOMP Brand-name and trademark, firstly for New Zealand and then also for Australia.

With the Chomp brand-name secured we began to create, manufacture, import and market a comprehensive range of fishing products and we started with a range of tasty softbait, flasher rigs, jig hooks, large softbait trolling lures, scales, caps, beanie, spinner, iphone/cellphone waterproof bags and spinners. The range of Chomp flasher rigs and Chomp Sinkers were added in 2014.

The Chomp Flasher rigs with pink tinsel and all now use the Mutsu hooks. Chomp Sinkers are available in the round and reef type lead sinkers, packed into the Chomp bags - Priced right with discounts offered for bulk quantity ordering.

All of these products are branded with the eye catching CHOMP logo. A graphic designer Laura Phillips created the Chomp logo and packaging for the business.

CHOMPR is a registered trademark in the name of Hudson Global Limited in both New Zealand and Australia.

We trade as Hudson Global Limited T/A Chomp Fishing Products for ease of accounting.

To Contact Us for more information on our company or questions relating to our products or ordering please use the "Contact Us" button on the menu or email directly to Mr Stephen Hudson, Director or email directly to Stephen@Home.co.nz 

We operate from our 504sqm home warehouse in Coatesville Auckland. As this is at our home, visiting is by appointment only, the address is 87 Croft Lane, Coatesville.

We welcome both retail and wholesale customers enquiries, retailers are offered a resellers discount. All online orders are packed and delivered nationwide via courier.

Please click onto the "Register" button which is at the top of each page and enter in your name and contact details so we can keep you informed of new product arrivals, special offers and general ChompR news.  


Stephen Hudson: Stephen@Home.co.nz  

Jonathan Hudson: Jonathan@Home.co.nz  

Michael Hudson: Michael@Home.co.nz